Going to Vision Expo West: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Sharon Chin on Tue, Sep 17, 2013 @ 08:09 AM

Can you believe that Vision Expo West is coming up in just two weeks? We've been really busy making plans and we can't wait to meet everyone at the show! VisionWeb has been in the eyecare industry for more than a decade, and a big part of our marketing efforts go into tradeshows. So it's safe to say that we've had our fair share of experience with them! We know that sometimes, things don't go as expected, especially at a big trip like Vision Expo West. So we've come up with a list of expectations and realities we expect to face at tradeshows. Do any of these sound familiar to you? 

Expectation: Leaving early so you can breeze through airport security.

Vision Expo West

Vision Expo West is an international conference and it's held in Vegas every year. Most of you will probably be flying in from a different state or maybe even country. If you are a frequent flyer, you should know that it’s always a good idea to get to the airport early and get through airport security as fast as you can. 

Reality: Getting stuck at airport security because you’re behind someone who hasn’t flown before.

Vision Expo West practice management

Yes, you are required to remove your shoes! Doesn't it always seem like you're stuck behind someone who isn’t as experienced as you are? On the other hand, there's no need to push or get unneccessarily flustered. 

Expectation: Getting work done and enjoying the flight.

Vision Expo West flight

Time on the plane can be productive. Try catching up on work and preparing for the show, or just take some time to relax and maybe watch and in-flight movie. 

Reality: Barely cramping into a seat next to a chatty passenger.

Vision Expo West EHR

Vision Expo West EHRs

There’s barely any legroom, you are uncomfortable, and your neighbor just won’t stop talking about her cats!  

Expectation: Strutting across the tradeshow floor in your professional attire.

Vision Expo West attire

You get to the tradeshow and you're ready for business! Vision Expo West is a great place to not only check out the latest in the eye care industry, but also network with your peers and customers. So dress to impress!

Reality: Feeling like your feet are on fire from all the walking and standing at the show.

Vision Expo West visionweb

The long hours at Vision Expo can be unbearable! Be prepared for tradeshow feet; don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.

Sometimes, reality just doesn’t meet your expectations, but it’s not always a bad thing!

Expectation: Getting harassed by pushy salespeople to check out their product.

Vision Expo West Uprise VisionWeb EHR

You just want to casually check out a product and maybe watch a demo; not coerced into buying it! Some salespeople just don’t understand that aggression is not the way!  

Reality: Enjoying all your free swag!

Vision Expo West practice management system

Expect tons of giveaways at the show! Even if you are not interested in a product at first, don’t be afraid to walk up and see what the brand has to offer. And if you are still not sold, you could at least walk away with some giveaways. 

Expectation: Being bored because it’s just another business trip.

Vision Expo West visionweb

You’re an industry veteran and you’ve probably seen it all. The long hours are just not something you look forward to. 

Reality: Learning a whole lot about industry trends and the latest products.

Vision Expo West continuing education

We guarantee that you will learn something new at Vision Expo if you make full use of the opportunities at the show. Also, if you are an OD, make sure you participate in continuing education to keep yourself updated on best practices for the care and treatment of your patients. (Prepare to be mind blown!)

Expectation: Being extremely productive on your business trip.

Vision Expo West expectation

Vision Expo is strictly business. Your boss doesn’t expect you to have fun at work! Don't forget that report due on Monday about what you’ve learned at the show. 

Reality: Having the time of your life!

Vision Expo West reality

While there should be plenty of learning and high levels of productivity, who are you kidding?! You're in Vegas! Have a blast - we won't tell! 

If you’re planning to be at Vision Expo West, stop by the VisionWeb booth (#MS9035) and check out Uprise, a cloud based practice management and EHR solution. Watch one-on-one demos or attend hourly info sessions, and be sure to pick up a few of our giveaways.

Not going to Vision Expo West? Don’t worry, you can still check out Uprise and request a demo online!

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