1 Big Reason to Invest in a Claim Management Solution

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, Mar 20, 2014 @ 10:03 AM

claim management While there are many benefits of investing in a claim management solution for your eyecare practice. We want to talk about one of the biggest reasons of them all: ERA Management. Your billing department plays a very important role in your eyecare practice, so it's important that they have the tools and solutions necessary to do their job right!

There are a handful of other benefits of a claims management solution for your eyecare practice that include managing your claims with thousands of payers in one location, patient eligibility checks, claim status reports, real-time claim tracking, secondary claim submission, and detailed reporting and analytics. But today, we're just going to focus on one, and that's ERA Management.

ERA Management & Your Claim Management SolutionERA management

If you're not already utilizing ERA autoposting, you're probably still receiving this information in the form of paper EOBs. Technology is moving information to the computer, which will help you and your staff better manage the massive amounts of information that you keep in your practice. And that's not any different with claim filing. With ERA management, your system will automatically interpret remittance information received from your payers (which typically arrives in the form of a paper EOB), and deliver it to you electronically. Getting information in this format is easier to search and filter through than stacks of paper.

So What Else Does an ERA Management Service Give You?

Practical Information Management

  • Remittance information is automatically stored for you for seven years
  • Export your reports into an Excel document for easy remittance advice archiving
  • Printer-friendly EOBs allow you to print by patient as needed for secondary claim processing
  • Download and import ERA into your compatible practice management software for auto-posting in a snap

Detailed Summary Views

  • Summary views with reasons for adjustments, denials, and reductions
  • Transaction-level and claim-level summaries

Dynamic Search Options

  • Search and sort remittance information by provider, payer, date range, check number, or payment method

Other Benefits

  • Reduced paperwork for your staff
  • Simplified remittance balancing with detailed online payment visibility
  • Faster communication of payment notification
  • Expedited account receivable reconciliation

Want to learn more about how a claims management solution and ERA management could benefit your billing department? Check out our ebook!

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