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Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, Apr 05, 2016 @ 14:04 PM

Managing billing and claims in an eyecare practice is a full time job. But, for some practices it can get put on the back burner, or can easily slip out of control if not caught up with every day. That's why you need a claims management tool that will help your biller stay on top of claims while still having time for other things.

If you've never looked into a claims management solution for your practice, you'll probably have some questions. We're here to clear up any questions you might have about getting started with a claims solution. 

How to Get Started with a Claim Management Solution

What exactly does VisionWeb's claim management solution include?claim management questions

Our claims management solution makes processing claims and managing billing more efficient. You get everything you need to perform key functions of the claim filing process. You can access the solution on the web, or from your practice's compatible practice management software. You'll be able to enjoy these features:

  • Patient eligibility and authorization checks
  • Electronic claims submissions
  • Claim status reports
  • Real-time claim tracking
  • Secondary claim submission
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Training and support for the life of your account

How do I get started if I'm ready?

You can call our enrollment team at (800) 590-0873, or email We'll review your practice's specific needs and get you set up with the right package. From there, we'll begin the enrollment process.

Enrollment process? What does that mean?

To get enrolled it generally takes between 30-45 days. This includes a period of paperwork and processing, and implementation. A lot of this timeline is dedicated by payer's timing when approving your practice EDI and ERA.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) version of an insurance payment explanation. It provides details about claims payment, and explanations for denied claims. Remittance info in this format is easier to manage than paper EOBs. 

You mentioned using the tool from a compatible practice management system. What systems are compatible?

The claims management solution is compatible with most of the leading practice management systems. You can see the full list here. Uploading from your practice management system allows you to:

  • Upload single or batch claim files created in your practice management software
  • Reduce the chance of human error
  • Stop wasting time re-keying claim info

Why should I use a clearinghouse solution, like VisionWeb?

Our solution is designed to manage industry changes with hundreds of payers on a regular basis. You'll also have a single point of access to thousands of payers, and will be equipped with consistent reporting and tracking tools that make it easier to review and manage your claims. And, you can expect to get paid in about half the time it takes when you file on paper. Your reimbursement cycle is around 14 business days as opposed to 30 with paper.

I've never filed electronically. What training is available?

We'll provide you with a dedicated representative that will give complete training to your practice. We do the heavy lifting to make sure that you and your team and comfortable using the system on your own, but we are also available whenever you need assitance down the road. Plus, we have online materials that you can access whenever you might need a quick question answered.  

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