Why Your Practice Needs a Cloud-Based EHR


cloud-based EHRPaper records are a thing of the past, and these days there are more efficient ways to manage patient files. Enter electronic health records (EHRs). Cloud-based EHRs are becoming increasingly more important and popular in the world of healthcare, including eyecare. EHRs not only have numerous benefits for your practice, but they also have advantages for your patients. We've jam-packed a list of ways that you and your patients can benefit from using an EHR. Check it out!

The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based EHR Benefits

How an EHR Benefits You and Your Practice:

  • Accurate diagnosis. EHRs provide you with error-checking features, clinical decision support, and auto-population that guides you through diagnosis.
  • Access to charts anytime, anywhere. Gain access to your charts online from a variety of devices, with easy search capabilities. 
  • Multi person access all at once. You'll have the ability to view and make edits to files at the same time as others.
  • Automated electronic prescription fills (ePrescribing). No more illegible handwriting on prescriptions sent to the pharmacy. 
  • Reduced coding errors. Automated code verification reduces the chance for rejected claims. 
  • Immediate updates. No more waiting for data from paper charts to be manually entered into the system at a later time. 
  • Connectivity with labs. Real-time connectivity with labs for quick response to lab results and tests. 
  • Reduced staff downtime. Your staff will save time by spending less time on the phone, copy machine, and fax machine. 
  • Reduced paper waste and office space. No more stacks of papers in filing cabinets taking up valuable space in your practice. 
  • Improved data back-up. Your data is easily backed up in the cloud with no worry of how to save your data in the event of a disaster. 
  • Meaningful Use Incentive Program. Qualifying and registering for the incentive program will give your practice the opportunity to start receiving incentive payments. Want to learn more about Meaningful Use? Check out our eBook to get all the information!
  • Privacy and security of data. Data can only be accessed by authorized users, and managed by vendors who implement high security measures, which is safer than keeping your patient's sensitive data in a filing cabinet.

EHR SoftwareHow an EHR Benefits Your Patients:

  • Patient portal for online interaction. Patients will gain the ability to interact with health care professionals online to work through their treatment and prescription plans. 
  • Check for accurate info. Patients are able to double check their info and make sure it has been recorded correctly. 
  • Track test results. Patients are able to track their records of test results, vaccine info, etc. 
  • Coordinated communication. Patients are able to have their information shared among all their doctors which helps reduce the need for the same tests and forms to be filled out with each new visit. 
  • Monitor prescriptions. Easily review prescription and treatment instructions.
  • Electronic referrals. Online referrals make it easier to follow up with specialists. 
  • Convenience. Patients can save time by filling out questionnaires and receiving follow-up instructions at their convenience, without making an extra tip to your practice. 

Technology is changing and more and more tasks are moving online. And it's obvious that cloud-based EHRs can have a lot of advantages for both you and your patients. Did we forget any benefits that your EHR is already giving you? Feel free to add any additional advantages of EHRs in the comments! Want to stay informed on the latest EHR news? Subscribe to the Uprise blog for all the latest info!

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