Case Study: Dr. Ali's Secrets to a Successful Optometry Workflow

Practice management and EHR software can make or break your workflow. Uprise was designed by consulting real-life ODs to insure that information is communicated seamlessly throughout their optometry practices. But don't take our word for it; let's hear from an OD who has been using Uprise for over a year.

We talked to Dr. Shazeen Ali to find out why she was in the market for a new EHR solution and whether Uprise fulfilled her needs. Read on to find out how you could save time, shorten your onboarding process, and retain happy employees.

Uprise Helps Dr. Ali Overcome Her Challenges dr ali_full

Dr. Ali is the sole optometrist at Ranch Road Vision Source in Austin, Texas. She started her practice in 2016 hoping to use the best technology needed to make both her patients and staff more comfortable.

After testing out several EHR solutions in the beginning of her optometry career, she initially chose a popular server-based EHR. However, the inefficient practice management tools were leading to miscommunication, frustration among her staff, and longer patient exams. She was in need of a better practice management solution that's user-friendly, accessible from any computer, and improves the exchange of information between her and the front desk.

Dr. Ali viewed an Uprise demo at Vision Source Exchange and loved the modern user interface. Although she was ready to switch over, she had a few hesitations. 

  • Is it worth going through the process of training my team to use a new software?
  • Will it be possible to move all of my existing patient data over?

Once it was implementation time, the Uprise team migrated her data, provided training materials, and guided to her through the system. All her initial concerns about switching to a new EHR system were eased.

Now that she's been an Uprise customer for over a year, has the new practice management and EHR system proven itself worthy? Here are a few features that she values:

  • Accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Automatically uploaded exam notes
  • Pre-exam paperwork for patients
  • Embedded patient recall

If you want Dr. Ali's specific tips on how she reduced her patient exam time by 5-7 minutes, read the full case study below.


Originally Published in July 2018

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