What Type of Optometry Software is Best for Your Practice?


If you're an eyecare provider shopping for a practice management system or optometry software, you've undoubtedly noticed that you've got more options than ever. In addition to a multitude of vendors, you've got different types of technology platforms to consider: client-server, cloud-hosted, and cloud-based. This also means that you might have more questions than ever. If you want to dig deep into this topic, you can download our free eBook on selecting a practice management and EHR solution. 

If you just want to see what type of solution might be best for your practice, start with our flowchart! Follow the steps and see where you end up.

What Type of Optometry Software is Best for Your Practice?




So, you've worked your way to the bottom of the flowchart and now know the perfect type of software that will best suit your practice. It's time to start breaking it down even further and figuring out which vendor is right for you. To help narrow down the field download this extensive list of questions you should be asking every vendor you speak to - that way you don't miss any important information you need to make a decision.

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