Boost Your Optometric Practice by Leveraging These Speaking Opportunities


If you’re ready to take your career as an OD to the next level, taking the leap into public speaking could build awareness around your optometric practice and establish the building blocks needed to brand you as a thought leader. To help launch the next wave of thought leaders in the optometric field, we thought we’d share some tips for finding speaking opportunities to promote your practice.

5 Places to Secure Speaking Opportunities And Promote Your Optometric Practice

College ClassesHow to leverage speaking opportunities to promote your optometric practice.

Have you been out of school for a while? Or, maybe you carved a unique path for yourself in the optometry space. Take the opportunity to share your successes and lessons learned with optometry students so when they graduate, they have a bit of real world advice.

Senior Centers and Schools

Proper eyecare education is important for all age ranges, from elementary-aged schoolchildren to seniors living in assisted living facilities. While spending your time educating this audience may not give you the keynote at Vision Expo West, it will give you the chance to practice public speaking and may help you win new patients to your practice. Most importantly, it will provide the audience with important advice on how to properly care for their vision health.

Small Networking Groups

Local meetups or other small networking groups can give you the opportunity to pitch your ideas and presentations to individuals not in the eyecare industry. If you’ve managed a successful marketing initiative that has helped attract more patients, consider sharing this strategy with a local marketing group or optometric group.

Industry Events

Whether on the main stage, at a continuing education session, or at another event, getting the opportunity to speak at an industry tradeshow will open up opportunities to connect with peers and share your success story, interesting insights, and unique opinions with experts and peers from across the globe. Look for ways you can participate in these events to gain exposure in the eyecare community.

Partnering With Vendors

Are you a power user, or a big fan of a product that helps your practice run more efficiently? If you enjoy a product enough that you’re willing to publicly endorse it, it could strengthen your partnership with the vendor. Think about a vendor or solution that has been important in your practice’s success, then consider sharing your story with the vendor to create a case study or partner webinar. Over time, this commitment could mature into sponsored speaking opportunities.

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