Checklist to Get Started with Cloud-Based Practice Management Software


Moving your eyecare practice to the cloud can be a big step. And if you’re thinking about making the change there are some small changes that you can make in your office to set your practice up for success. Since moving to the cloud will affect everyone in the office, you’ll need to make sure that your staff is ready for the change as well, and that they will be comfortable using the new technology. So before you dive right in we have a quick checklist to get your ready for cloud-based practice management software!

Getting Your Practice Ready for Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

cloud-based practice management software1) Reliable Internet Connection. In order to access a server in the cloud, you must have a connection to the Internet. Whether that means W-IFI in a coffee shop or at home, or an Ethernet connection in your office, that is entirely up to you. The cloud was designed to allow access to users from wherever is most convenient for them.

2) Choose Your Device. In today’s world you have many options as to how you will use and access the Internet. You can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone! This means that you can use the devices you already have up and running in your office, in addition to your personal devices, and any new tablets or computers that you might want to give a shot! If you haven't thought about how the use of tablets could increase efficiency in your office, now is the time to think about it!

3) Get Familiar with Your Staff's Computer Knowledge. You might think everyone understands basic technology today, but you would be surprised by how many people don’t even have e-mail accounts, don't know how to add attachments, or what a web browser is. And if you have been running a paper practice all these years, these are real things you will have to consider. When thinking about switching to a new practice management and EHR software in your practice, make sure you consult with your staff to see what type of technology they will be comfortable with!  

4) Don’t Worry about the Amount of Data you Need. Cloud services function on the idea of scalability. You pay for only what you use, and from there you can buy more space depending on your office’s needs. No worries about calculating an estimate of a server size, because it will scale to whatever size is right for you. If you've been using a client-server solution in your practice there is a chance that you are paying for server space that you aren't even using.

5) Say Good-Bye to Your IT Consultant. If you've been using a client-server solution in your practice then you might have had to have an IT consultant to help you manage, host, and secure your in-office servers and software. But when you move your practice to the cloud, you can say good-bye to that extra cost of IT help. Your cloud vendor will manage and host your server and software in the cloud so you don't have to worry about installations, server maintenance, security, or updates. It's all handled for you!

Now that we have covered the key items in preparing yourself for cloud computing, you should be ready (or at least well on your way) to take the plunge into using the cloud in your eyecare practice.

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