New Integration: Uprise and CLX System

We're excited to announce that Uprise EHR and Practice Management is now integrated with CLX System, a comprehensive contact lens management and marketing system. CLX helps increase capture rate, improve patient retention, and beat the online competition for contact lens reorders.

With the CLX integration, Uprise users now can place contact lens orders directly with a distributor of their choice from their Uprise system. CLX then automatically identifies patients when due to reordering and proactively markets to these patients on behalf of the practice prompting them to reorder.

Linking Uprise with CLX and VisionWeb's Ordering System

Contact lens management is key to profitability. According to Dr. Aaron Sako, this new integration will allow eyecare practices to, "process orders quickly and minimize double entry and order errors. Under one login, we can track statuses, add vendors, create special discounts, and upload frames into our database. We enjoy customizing the system to our specific dispensary needs." Main features include:

“Uprise is designed to help practices eliminate office inefficiencies allowing doctors and staff more time to focus on patient care. The integration with CLX not only reduces office administration time but also gives Uprise users access to a unique set of tools designed to grow contact lens revenue for the practice,” said Tom Loveless, President & CEO of VisionWeb.

“More and more, patients are seeking out e-commerce options for ordering their contact lenses, and too often these sales aren’t being captured by the prescribing OD,” said Jim Edwards, CLX Chief Product Officer. “CLX users can leverage the tools in the CLX Capture Strategy™ to give patients convenient options for refilling their supplies while capturing revenue for the practice.”

CLX users have access to the CLX Capture Strategy™, a suite of features designed to increase annual supply sales and capture more post-exam revenue for practices while reducing overhead. This comprehensive approach includes a customizable online contact lens store for the practice’s website, automated email and text message reminders when patients are due to reorder contact lenses, proactive Patient Protect outreach campaigns targeting exam-only patients and a white label contact lens subscription program.

"We’ve used the standalone version of CLX for a few years now and I was most drawn to the features in CLX that automatically reach out to patients that I don’t capture a year's supply on. Now that CLX is integrated with Uprise, that’s just icing on the cake for us,” said Dr. Amanda Barker of Advanced Family Eyecare. “The integration makes using the system very simple and reduces entry errors. My staff loves the added efficiency that the integration gives us day-to-day.”   

For more information on the Uprise and CLX integration, visit the link below:


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