5 Articles That Will Help Opticians Close More Frame Sales

One of the biggest jobs of being an optician in an eyecare practice is to sell, sell, sell. While it may seem like a straightforward sale since most patients coming into the practice will need to purchase products for their vision, the online competition your practice faces makes closing highly valued frame sales difficult.

While opticians might not necessarily consider themselves as "sales people," there is definitely a big sales component for that role in the practice. Some opticians even earn commission or incorporate sales into their performance goals.

We looked around for some of the most helpful sales tips on the web that we could find to help you think harder about your role as a salesperson, the strategies you use, and how you can increase sales in the optical dispensary.

5 Helpful Resources to Boost Sales in Your Dispensary

Tips for Thinking on Your Feetoptical frame sales

Part of being a good sales person is being able to have engaging and intelligent conversations on the fly with your customers. Even if you're not making a huge presentation for a big sale, you're going to have to be able to think on your feet in any situation. This also applies in a customer service setting when you have unhappy patients or customers. Use these ten ideas to help you think on your feet more effectively to lead to better results with your customers.

How to Respond to Objections

In any sales role, you're going to be faced with objections and obstacles from your customers. And how you deal with these objections will often make or break a sale. Some of the most common objections you probably hear in your dispensary are things like, "That's too expensive," "I'm just looking," or "I need to think about it." How do you respond to these common statements to keep the sale moving forward?

Is Your Office Workflow Sabotaging Your Sales?

While closing a sale often falls in the hands of the optician, the sale is actively happening throughout the office as a patient goes through their appointment. Additionally, the way your office workflow is set up could be hindering sales in your dispensary, without you even realizing that it's happening. Ask yourself these questions about your workflow to help determine if you need to make process changes to improve your dispensary sales.

How to Greet Patients so They Purchase, Return, and Refer

It's great when you're able to generate new patient business for your practice, but it's just as important to be able to retain these patients and keep them happy enough so that they refer your services to their friends and family. First impressions can have a big impact on a patient's experience in your practice. Use these tips from an experienced office manager to have a lasting effect on your patients' first impressions. 

How to Communicate Across Generations

If you're a millennial trying to close sales to members of other generations, it can sometimes pose unique challenges. Whether it's a communication barrier or just a general disconnect, coming up with ways to tailor your sales message to baby boomers and traditionalists might be your best option for making that needed connection. Use these ideas for having better conversations and connections across generations in your eyecare practice.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on September 7, 2017. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on July 16, 2019.
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