Coding Mistakes To Avoid In Your Eyecare Practice

What process do you have to review submitted claims to help prevent unnecessary fines and penalties and maximize reimbursements in your practice? Eyecare professionals understand the importance of accurately submitting claims as optometrists are responsible legally when becoming a provider for a third party such as Medicare, Medicaid, VSP, EyeMed, etc. Failing to bill patients correctly can lead to fines or possible legal action for the optometrist who signed the agreement.

Today we're going to discuss how to avoid common billing mistakes and processes your office can implement to help maximize your reimbursements. These processes include reviewing submitted claims, continued education, and outsourcing your billing.

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Reviewing Submitted Claims

Optometrists who bill in-house often delegate submitting claims to a trained billing staff member. However, the optometrist is still responsible for reviewing submitted claims to verify the correct coding is used and supported by documentation for each patient. An oversight as simple as the wrong code being used can lead to hefty fines if audited. Creating a process to help hold yourself accountable to review submitted claims at the beginning or end of the day can help reduce room for error.

Continued Education

Another tip to help reduce mistakes is scheduling time for training courses throughout the year. Dedicating time to stay up to date on recent changes can help reduce potential mistakes, as coding is constantly changing. There are many resources available for free training courses, such as The Association Of Practice Management Educators for optometrists and staff members. Additionally, investing in your staff's education, will make them feel valued creating a positive work environment and great company culture.

Outsourcing Billing

Now that we've covered the benefits of having a process of reviewing submitted claims and continued education, we can discuss outsourcing billing and claims. If you're struggling to keep up with processes set in place to reduce mistakes, it may be time to consider outsourcing to VisionWeb's Revenue Cycle Management team. Understandably as your business grows, it may become overwhelming to keep updated on coding information. Having a team of professionals and experts to help your practice receive faster reimbursements, review past rejected and denied claims, and direct support from a personal account representative will put your mind at ease. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Revenue Cycle Management service, click here to schedule a discovery call. 

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