Free Optometry Software Resource: Security Risk Assessment Tool

We recently wrote a two part blog series about 10 things your practice should know about optometry software risk assessment. During our research we found a great tool offered by The ONC and recognize that conducting a risk assessment can be a challening job for any practice, so they created this tool to assist professionals as they perform risk assessments of their practice.

Evaluate Optometry Software Risk with This Tool

The Security Assessment Tool is an independent application that can be run on various devices, and it is available for free. The tool walks you through each HIPAA requirement and asks 156 specific questions about activities within your practice. Your answers will help the tool decide if you need to take action on certain items.optometry_software_security.jpg

You can get more information and download the tool here

If you're looking for more information on risk assessment before getting started, there are also a series of videos you can take a look at:

Security 101: Security Risk Analysis

Security 101: Contingency Planning

Security Risk Assessment Tool Tutorial


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