Must Read: Patient Engagement Playbook

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 09:06 AM

The phrase patient engagement covers all strategies for supporting and encouraging patients to engage in their own health care to achieve better health outcomes. In today's healthcare environment there are a variety of tools available to help providers encourage patient engagement across their specialty. While you may think patient engagement is more applicable to larger health practices with a wider variety of patients and cases, there are a lot of best practices that can be applied to every eyecare practice.

Increase Patient Engagement with This Playbook

We recently came across this great patient engagement resource from - The Patient Engagement Playbook. In this quick read you'll learn how better communication leads to better care and better outcomes. A large portion of the playbook focuses on the use of EHR software and patient portals to increase patient engagement. Some of the rewards of EHR patient portal implementation include more effective delivery of care, reduced burden on office staff, and more informed and engaged patients. 

The play book will help you:

  • Facilitate easy enrollment to achieve greater portal adoption
  • Meet patient needs online - while streamlining practice workflow
  • Involve caregivers in an appropriate way
  • Integrate patient-generated health data to improve clinical decision making and care

Start Reading the Playbook Today!

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