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Posted by Sharon Chin on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 10:09 AM

Are you both the doctor and CEO of your practice? Spending time on your patient’s health is important, but what about the health of your practice? In our latest addition to our library of eBooks for eyecare, we show you how to take care of the financial health of your practice.

Benchmarks_ebooks_for_eyecareWe’ve teamed up with industry veterns, Gary Gerber and Steve Sunder, to put together the 8 most important benchmarks your practice should monitor. Use the benchmarks to compare your practice's performance against the other eyecare practices in the country! Here are some of the industry benchmarks you’ll find in the eBook:

  • Gross Revenue Per Patient
  • New Patient Growth Per Year
  • Inventory Turn Rates
  • Chair Cost

Check out the rest of the benchmarks in the eBook! We’ve even included a downloadable Excel workbook that does the calculations for you. Simply plug in the numbers and we’ll tell you how well your practice is doing!




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