Quick Tip: Why It's Important to Refer to Your Optical Practice Staff as Experts


Your patients walk into your practice and look up to you as an expert in the field of Optometry. They trust you with their health, and value the information you provide them about their diagnosis, prescriptions, and treatments.

With that being said, it's also important for you to refer to your entire optical practice staff as experts in the positions they hold. Your optician is an expert in frames and lenses, and your tech is an expert in pre-testing. Everyone in your practice should be an expert in something, and if they aren't - what are they doing in your practice in the first place? Referring to your team as experts will have two really great benefits for your practice.

2 Big Benefits of Referring to Your Optical Practice Staff as Experts

Patients Find Valueoptical practice staff

By referring to the rest of your staff as experts your patients are going to perceive a greater sense of respect from your staff. It's likely that they will take recommendations more seriously and find greater overall value in their time spend with the other staff in your practice. 

Staff Feels Empowered

Your staff is going to like being called experts too. It will encourage them to spend more time cultivating their expertise with continuing education, and whatever else they can do to maintain expert status in your practice. 



Our staff management guide has all the tips you need. Read it today.


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