How The Wrong EHR Software Can Haunt Your Optometric Practice

Halloween is just one day away. And while your practice has been educating your patients on the dangers of purchasing costume contact lenses, you may have overlooked a scary threat that can put your practice, your patients, and your future as an OD in danger. This post reveals how using the wrong EHR software can affect your optometric practice.

3 Frightening Effects Of The Wrong EHR Software

Slower WorkflowDiscover the three frightening effects the wrong EHR software can have on your optometric practice.

Your patient’s time is more precious than ever. The need for you to get your patients through your exam lane as quickly as possible while maintaining a high level of care can result in good online reviews and an increase of patients. Unfortunately, the wrong EHR can make it difficult for your practice to streamline your office workflow and increase the number of patients you can effectively fit into your schedule.

EHR software that comes with embedded tools, mobile capabilities, and customizable templates can enable you to accelerate your workflow without jeopardizing the quality of care by minimizing troublesome patient handoffs, phone calls, and manual data entry work.

Inaccurate Data

Accurately documenting a patient’s exam can take a lot of time for an OD to complete. Many times, an OD will have to re-enter the same information for different fields, wasting time and potentially creating errors. However, with clinical decision support part of the Uprise feature set, you can make a single entry during the exam and Uprise will automatically populate special testing, orders, treatment, diagnosis, and patient education materials all based on best practices to decrease the possibility of manual data entry errors being documented.  

Data Breach Vulnerability

The data you collect on your patients is vital to ensuring optimal care is administered. Unfortunately, the personal data is also highly sought after by cybercriminals. When the server housing your patient data resides in your optometric practice, you’re putting your patients’ sensitive data at risk.

With a cloud-based EHR solution, your patient data is often more secure because the vendor will utilize dedicated resources to minimize the threat of a data breach using best practices.

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