How To Evaluate The Efficiency Of Your Software

Selecting a practice management software for your office is crucial to the success and health of your business. There are many benefits to having an intuitive EHR & PM software system that include boosting your profits, improving workflow, and providing a memorable experience for your patients.

Today, we're going to discuss tips to help evaluate the efficiency of your current eyecare software. Identifying areas of opportunity will help your office determine if your software is hindering the efficiency of your operation.

Tips To Help Evaluate The Efficiency Of Your Eyecare Software

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Online Ordering Solution

As mentioned, a helpful tip to consider when evaluating the efficiency of a new, or current, EHR & PM software is the ability to integrate with an ordering platform. For example, VisionWeb's Online Ordering Platform allows eyecare professionals the ability to connect with over 475 labs and suppliers, submit, and track orders within the comfort of their software system. Creating a streamline in your software will reduce errors and eliminate duplicate data entry, giving your opticians time to focus on patient care and creating a hospitable experience.

Cloud-Based Software

Another helpful tip to consider when evaluating the efficiency of an EHR & PM software system is the benefit of cloud-based software. A cloud-based software system makes accessing patient data more convenient with 24/7 access from anywhere with an internet connection, making work-life balance a little easier to achieve. Another benefit of cloud-based systems is that updates are handled for you, typically outside of office hours, so you don't have to take the time to manually update all of the devices in the office, or hire additional IT to help make sure your setup is secure.

Software Functionality & Integrations 

Now that we covered evaluating the importance of efficiency in an all-in-one solution and cloud-based software. We can discuss how functionality, embedded tools, and integrations are just as significant when evaluating efficiency for an EHR & PM software system. VisionWeb's Uprise Pro software comes with built-in, embedded tools like Frames Data, 4PatientCare, e-Prescribing, and many more. Uprise also partners with several optional software integrations allowing you to customize tools that help analyze data, communicate with patients, collect payments, keep your practice HIPAA compliant, and help your practice run as efficiently as possible.  

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