3 EHR Software Quick Tips to Keep You Ahead of the Game

Whether you've just purchased a new software system, or if you've been using the same solution for years, it can be easy to forget about some of the little features that can help keep your workflow running as smooth as possible. As an OD, you spend so much time focusing on the larger areas of your practice, that you sometimes can forget the tiny details that can make a huge difference in your day. We would like to share with you three small things to pay attention to regarding your practice management and EHR software that will keep you ahead of the competition!

EHR software3 Quick Tips for ODs to Get the Most Out of Their EHR Software

1. Fully Complete Patient Profiles

Make sure you are completely filling in your patient profiles with as much information as possible, which could even include an image of the patient. Photos of your patients allow your staff to appropriately greet each patient by name, which makes your patients feel important and helps your patients build stronger relationships with you and your staff. Seeing an image of a patient can also help spark your memory on the patient, allowing you to create a more personalized experience and provide better care.

2. Improve Your Patient Education Materials

Take a look at the educational materials you are currently offering patients through your patient portal and your website. Could those materials use a refresh? It is important to offer your patients accurate and up-to-date eye health information in order for them to build trust with your practice. Valuable education materials remind your patients of the importance of eye health, and act as reminders for maintaining regularly scheduled visits to your office. 

3. Use Modern Patient Recall

Automated patient recall is such a benefit for your practice, but it doesn't mean that once you set it up that patient recall should be completely off your mind. Are there patients who have received recall reminders and failed to set up their appointments, or patients who you haven't seen in a while? If so, then take the opportunity to send them another, maybe more personal reminder. Try changing up your messaging, acknowledging that your practice hasn't seen them in a while, a more personal touch with patients who haven't responded to automated messages might make them feel valued.

Managing your interaction with patients is made simple with the right EHR and practice management solution. Make sure you are fully utilizing your software to offer the best experience and care. 

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