Intelligent Office: A Resource for Optician Software and Equipment

We often talk about the number of online resources for optometrists, and how easy they are to access. Today, we are sharing one of our favorites! Vision Monday developed a microsite off their homepage called The Intelligent Office.

On this page, they offer insight on how technology integrations improve patient care and will lead your practice to success. They do this by covering topics that are important to optometrists, ranging from optician software to patient flow to office equipment.

From Optician Software to Outside the Office: Topics Covered by The Intelligent Office

Outside the Office

Optician Software

Patient care does not stop the moment they leave your office, and The Intelligent Office strives to provide information on new developments to make assistance to the world outside your office so much easier from your end. Features like online patient portals provide patients with a place to learn more about their diagnosis and schedule their own appointments without calling your office. The Intelligent Office also works to offer tips on local partnerships, social media, and marketing ideas.

Waiting Room

Providing the best waiting room experience is a major factor in patient retention. You have to provide an inviting and comfortable environment from the beginning of their experience in your office, and The Intelligent Office knows how to help you achieve high satisfaction from your patients.

Exam Lane

When it comes time for their actual exam, your patients expect you to have, or at least be knowledgeable, about the latest technologies. The Intelligent Office offers insight into EHR software and a number of ways to utilize technology in order to simplify and make your exam processes more efficient.


There seem to be more and more digital fitting systems popping up constantly, and it can be hard to keep up. In this section, The Intelligent Office covers ophthalmic product ordering, equipment, and instruments that can make everyone's part in the process a little bit easier. 

Practice Systems

Each eye care practice is responsible for managing a large amount of information every day. In order to make sense of it all, you need to have a stellar practice management system. Keep up with the latest updates and advancements by following the Intelligent Office's Practice Systems page. 


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