Interview: An Inside Look at Mentorship in Eyecare

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Sat, Oct 07, 2017 @ 10:10 AM

Whether you're a student preparing for a career in optometry, an OD with 5 years under your belt, or an OD with 30 years of experience, maintaining relationships with peers and mentors in the industry is an important part of your career. But, a lot of times it's easier said than done when it comes to finding the right mentor, or becoming a mentor yourself.

In our recent eBook, 12 Insider Secrets from America's Top ODs, we interviewed Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon from In Focus Vision Center & Eyecare about her views on mentorship in the eyecare industry and how it has made an impact on her career. 

Dr. Ray Corbin-Simon on Mentorship in Eyecarementorship in eyecare

How have mentors made an impact on your career as an optometrist?

Having mentors for various aspects of my career has been my best asset. Each one has provided me with a different perspective on managing situations and dealing with unexpected circumstances. Your colleagues and industry leaders are always willing to share their knowledge and provide guidance when necessary.

Best of all, be yourself. Explore the elements of your personality that drew you to the profession in the first place. Caring about your patients' visual needs and eye health is the hallmark of our profession. Embrace what you can contribute to your profession - our knowledge is ever-expanding.

How do you go about finding a mentor in this industry?

For me personally, I joined my state association and asked for a list of doctors who were available to assist me in a mentorship capacity. I was able to maintain and utilize the relationships I had developed with clinical professors and administrators to help guide me on my postgraduate career choices. I also make a point to actively meet new colleagues at continuing education programs and maintaining those relationships after the events. 

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