Meaningful Use Criteria for ODs: Complete vs. Modular EHR Basics

There has been a lot of talk lately about EHRs for eyecare practices and Meaningful Use criteria for ODs. And with Stage 2 of Meaningful Use beginning at the start of 2014, there's a lot for ODs to start thinking about when it comes to their EHR software and if they will participate in the program.

For ODs looking to participate in the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, there are two options when it comes to certified EHR software. You'll have the option of using either a Complete Certified EHR or a Module-Based Certified EHR. And depending on your practice needs, one option might work better for you than the other. But we're guessing that you might have some questions regarding the differences between Complete and Modular systems so we put together some basic facts to get you started. After you understand the differences, you'll probably need to further evaluate your practice and do a little more research to determine the best route for you! 

The Basics: Meaningful Use Criteria for ODS & Understanding Complete Vs. Modular-Based Certified EHR Software

meaningful use criteria for ODs

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