Optical Resources: 3 eBooks You Might Have Missed

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Thu, May 01, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

Can you believe that it's already May 1st? 2014 has been off to a quick and crazy start! And we want to make sure that you don't miss out on any of our valuable optical resources for your practice. We've already published two new eBooks this year packed full of information about EHR software and Meaningful Use (and there's more on the way). We've got a quick recap of some of the optical resources you might have missed so far this year!

What Will You Learn from These Optical Resources?

optical resourcesMeaningful Use Fantasy vs. Fact

We know that a lot of ODs have questions when it comes to Meaningful Use. That's why we put together this eBook full of Meaningful Use facts. If you're interested in learning the basics of getting started with the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, this eBook is for you.

Though sometimes the terms EMR and EHR are used interchangeably, do they really mean the same thing? When can you move onto the next stage of Meaningful Use? What's the timeline like? These are just a few of the questions you'll get answered when reading this eBook!

A Complete Eyecare Practice Management & EHR Dictionaryeyecare practice resources

When it comes to computer software and Meaningful Use there can be a lot of technical acronyms and terms thrown around. We want to straighten it all out for you. Do you know what ASP, CDS, HIT, and SaaS stand for? What about the difference between cloud-based and cloud-hosted software? If you're in the market for a new practice management and EHR system, or if you're planning to adopt Meaningful Use, these are just a few of the terms you'll bump into along the way. 

And, we've made the pages of the book interactive so that you can click to the pages of specific words you aren't familiar with, and breeze past the ones you are.


Selecting a Practice Management & EHR Solution: The Ultimate Guide for Optometry

If you're looking to switch or purchase a new practice management and EHR system, this eBook will be your best guide for comparing the different systems on the market. It will walk you through the steps of assessing your practice needs, understanding the different technology options that are available, and evaluating the total cost of ownership of each system.

We made this eBook interactive so that you can determine which system is just right for your practice. At the end of the eBook you'll find an evaluation and shopping kit filled with these ehr softwareworksheets:

  • Practice Profile Template to help you evaluate your current practice situation in terms of staff, hardware and IT infrastructure, and practice workflow. 
  • Functional Needs Template to help determine what you want your new system to be able to do. 
  • Requirements Description Template to help you clearly define your needs and requirements.
  • Which Technology is Best for You Flowchart to determine if a client-server, cloud-hosted, or cloud-based system is right for you.
  • Total Cost of Ownership Worksheet to compare prices of each of the different systems. This worksheet might help you become more aware of costs associated with a new system that you hadn't even thought of.
  • Software Comparison Worksheet so you can compare different features and benefits of each system. 

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