[New eBook] 8 Claim Management Habits to Say Goodbye to in 2015

Posted by Sharon Chin on Thu, Jun 11, 2015 @ 10:06 AM

We’ve all heard the saying, “old habits die hard.” It’s hard to change something you’re so used to doing, and often, we’re scared of the risks and outcome of trying something new. However, when it comes to claim management in your practice, simply following the same process out of habit isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially when ICD-10 hits this year.

Claim Management Habits to Break This Year

In our latest eBook, we go through these 8 claim filing habits that have unfortunately caught on among eye care practices:   

  • Having a disjointed claim filing workflow    
  • Giving in to the ICD-10 hysteria    
  • Verifying eligibility using the phone or payer sites    
  • Only checking basic eligibility information    
  • Taking on the ICD-10 transition without help    
  • Neglecting your system’s features
  • Ignoring reports
  • Thinking that you have to handle claims all by yourself 

If you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, it’s time for a change. Providing the best patient care is a practice’s top priority, but for your practice to survive as a business, it’s crucial to fine tune your claim filing process to ensure that you get full reimbursement for every patient visit. We’ll show you why you should break these bad habits and introduce new methods your practice should adopt this year.

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