Questions to Ask Your EHR Software Vendor About Training

A big reason for change resistance when it comes to implementing new EHR software is the fear of learning something new. That’s why it’s not only important to make sure that your software is easy to use, but for your vendor to have a good training program to get all your staff up to speed with the new system. Before you make your purchasing decision, ask your vendor the following questions about training!

4 Training Questions to Ask Your Vendor about Your EHR Software

What type of training materials do you provide?EHR_Software_training_questions-1

Everybody has different learning preferences. Some might be visual learners while others might prefer learning through hands-on methods. Does your vendor provide various training methods for different personas? Visual learners might prefer video tutorials and instruction manuals whereas hands-on learners might prefer exercises and quizzes. Does your vendor provide a way to track the progress of your staff to make sure that nobody is falling behind?

Your practice might be falling behind on training if every employee is made to learn every feature of the EHR software. It would be a waste of time to learn a feature that isn’t relevant to your staff’s job. So make sure that the training program allows you to assign separate training modules.

How accessible are these training materials?

It can be hard to dedicate time to training. Ideally, you would still like to run your business as usual when implementing a new system. But your staff will still need time on top of regular working hours to train. A good way to get your staff to complete training is to bring lunch in, so they can learn during their lunch hour.

Cloud systems allow you to assign homework so your staff may practice and complete tutorials from home. Training materials should be easily accessible online so everyone can learn on their own pace and at their convenience.

How much does training cost?

Here’s a question for you: how much are you willing to pay for training on top of the software you just bought? Some vendors include a certain amount of training but charge an additional fee if you want more. Some charge an annual training fee. Make sure you know what these charges are before you purchase your software.

Do I get live training and support?

There will be times when you will need live help. Does your EHR vendor have live training or provide live Q&A sessions with a trainer? And do those come at an additional cost? It’s important to have one-on-one time with your trainer who can guide you through the process whenever you need help.

Preparing to purchase new software is a big decision for your practice, check out our ultimate guide of questions you should be asking your software vendors.

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