Questions to Ask Your Staff before Switching Optometry Software

Switching to new practice management and EHR software can be exciting, scary, and overwhelming all at once for practice’s entire staff. Because not everyone is on the same page, it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of info gathering before you jump right into purchasing a whole new optometry software system. It might even help make the change smoother when the time comes to switch.

Take a few minutes to talk to your staff and see how they feel about new software, how comfortable they are when using technology, and how it will impact their day-to-day jobs before you make the change.

11 Questions Regarding New Optometry Software You Need To Ask Your Staff

Question_BubblesQuestions about Technology

  • Are you comfortable learning new software?
  • Are you familiar with tablets?
  • Do you feel comfortable using the internet?
  • Do you know how to bookmark pages on your web browser?

While these may seem like silly questions to people comfortable with technology, they can give you some valuable insight into what kind of practice management solution is going to work best for your staff.

Questions about Office Workflow

  • How much time do you spend on the phone with patients, labs, or insurance providers?
  • What parts of your job feel repetitive, error-prone, or time-consuming?
  • Will new software affect how patients move through our office?
  • What would make your workload more efficient?

You may not realize that your staff is struggling with daily tasks, so it can only help you to determine if new optometry software can assist them in their roles.

Questions about Change Management

  • Do understand the reasoning behind adopting a new practice management and EHR solution?
  • Are you ok with cross-training to learn different areas of the new software?
  • Are you willing to go through training for a new system?

It’s important to know how to manage change as you move to a new system. Your staff will play a big role in the success of implementing any new software you purchase, so to keep your team from feeling frustrated, rebellious, or lost, you’ll want to involve everyone and keep the lines of communication open.

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