The Best Social Media Advice for Optometric Practice Owners

Social media management isn't easy for any busy small business. And, in your optometric practice, where patient care comes first, social media marketing can become even more time consuming and challenging. But, it really doesn't have to be.

If your practice is equipped with the right tools, and you smartly evaluate how your content is performing you can create an easy to manage social media machine. Let's take a look at some of the best social media advice for small businesses moving into a busy 2017.

3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Optometric Practice's Social Game in 2017

Analyze Your Contentoptometric practice social media strategy

Paying attention to your social analytics is going to give you insight into what's working and what's not with your social strategy. If you've been actively posting a wide range of content, take the time to look at your insights and see which posts are receiving the most interactions.

Social media analytics have gotten much more powerful than they used to be. Taking the time to analyze each post's performance will help you create a better plan for the year. Don't waste your time writing or sharing lots of long form content if no one is engaging with it. Find out what is working and spend your time doing more of that.

Take Advantage of Live Streaming

We already know that video content has become one of the most popular vehicles for online content. In fact, 96% of consumers find video to be helpful when making purchasing decisions online. And these days, you don't have to be a professional to make quality video content.

The rise of live streaming makes it easy for any amateur to post video content. A benefit of live streaming videos is that nobody expects it to be perfect. As a brand, you can use live streaming to boost your social engagement by streaming quick Q&As with the OD in the practice, views of the new frames in stock in your dispensary, or introductions to new employees in your office. Live streaming is a popular option on most of the leading social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Use Tools to Make Management Easier

As an eyecare professional, your day is busy enough helping patients. Don't make social media management harder than it needs to be. These days there are tons (and I mean tons) of social media add ons, widgets, and tools that make it a whole lot easier. Some of our favorites include:

  • Canva: Canva is one of the easiest online tools for making images of any kind. Pre-set dimensions, templates, fonts, and colors make it easy for non-designers to become designers.
  • Buffer: Buffer helps you curate and share your content at the best times throughout the day so your followers see your updates more often.
  • Social Clout: Social Clout will help you keep tabs on monitoring all of your social channels, and can provide easy to read reports to help you evaluate numerous data points.
  • Quuu: Quuu helps you search relevant interest categories that matter to you and your audience to find the best content to share across your channels. It also can link to your Buffer account for easy scheduling.
  • provides you with trackable links for your content so you can track individual link analytics, gather audience insights, and measure performance. 

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