Vision Expo: InFocus with Dr. Aaron Sako

Vision Expo's InFocus series is a 4-minute video interview featuring some of Vision Expo’s top industry attendees and OPTImum program buyers conducted by Suzanne Krauss, OPTImum Program Manager at Vision Expo. In this video, Dr. Sako joined Suzanne Krauss to discuss Vision Expo, emerging technologies, and what's on the horizon for the optical industry in 2021 and beyond.

Dr- Sako-png-1InFocus with Dr. Aaron Sako

Dr. Sako joined the La Paz Optometric family in 2001. During his time there, Dr. Sako's areas of focus have been in primary care, surgical consultations, surgical co-management, and specialty contact lenses. He is also glaucoma certified and is licensed in the use of therapeutic and diagnostic pharmaceutical agents.

Dr. Sako is also on a mission to improve quality of life by providing the finest in vision care for people of all ages, he relies on the robust software of Uprise to help him become the premier authority in eyecare and eyewear in his community. 

In just 4 short minutes, Dr. Sako taps into his experience to share insights into what to expect for the optical industry.

In the video series, Krauss asks Dr. Sako the following:

  1. When did you open your first practice and how did you expand it?
  2. Which of the emerging technologies do you think is going to have the greatest impact on the optical industry?
  3. What are the benefits of joining a doctor's alliance group?
  4. How has Vision Expo evolved over time?

Click the link below to watch the full video:

InFocus with Dr. Sako

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