What Can You Do With Embedded Tools for Optometry Software?

There are many benefits your optical practice can obtain by selecting an optometry software solution with a robust set of embedded tools. Unlike integrated third-party tools, optometry software with embedded features are already built into the product and into the price, so you don’t have to learn to use multiple interfaces, manually integrate the different components, or pay for costly add-on services. This removes the need to maintain updates for separate tools, reduces the confusion of managing separate logins, minimizes the stress of submitting multiple invoices, and eliminates the need to juggle between multiple applications during your workflow.

Uprise comes with a suite of embedded tools that can help you manage your optical practice more efficiently while continually delivering exceptional service to your patients.

Here’s how.Embedded tools for optometry software

How Embedded Tools Will Improve Your Practice

1. You Can Manage Frame Catalogs Digitally

With Frames Data embedded into Uprise, you have access to their frame catalog database to quickly view eye size, frame color options, A/B/ED measurements, and wholesale pricing information. You can even show frames that you don’t have in stock to your patients to make a custom order. With this feature being embedded into Uprise, you don’t have a long wait to receive or load frame data.

2. You Can Send Appointment Reminders Effortlessly

The patient recall messaging solution from 4PatientCare is embedded into Uprise. With this, you and your staff can automate and send appointment reminders and patient recall messages to your patients via email and text. This feature will free up your staff’s time, help you get more patients in the door, and improve your patient satisfaction by sending reminders through your patient’s preferred communication method.

3. You Can Manage Patient’s Prescriptions Safely

The SureScript network by NewCrop connects with more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide to enable you to send electronic prescriptions. The ePrescribing tool lets you synchronize data automatically, access patient eligibility and formulary, access historical prescription data to help you send error-free prescriptions in real-time. This helps your patients get what they need sooner while minimizing the back and forth communications between the doctor, pharmacist, and medical insurance provider.

4. You Can Share Patient Education Material Automatically

With the help of the embedded solution, Rendia, you have access to a digital library of patient education material like videos and eyecare instructions. This digital content is generated based on the diagnosis code you selected for your patient so you can share them with your patients through email or the patient portal. Whether your patient learns better through audio, visual, or text, this embedded feature provides your patients with the materials they need to stay informed about their optical health.

5. You Can Summit Procedure Codes Successfully

The real-time CTP and ICD code verification feature, powered by CodeSAFE, ensures CPT and ICD compliance and coverage eligibility for same-day procedures or location-based restrictions. If there are coverage eligibility conflicts based on the codes you provided, you'll be alerted prior to submitting the claim to the insurance payer.

With Uprise you get all of these embedded tools included in the price of the software. You won’t have to worry about complicated integrations and additional costs—it all comes included with your purchase. The embedded frame catalogs, patient recall, patient education, ePrescribing, and code verification tools will help you run your practice more efficiently while continuing to provide your patients with exceptional service.

Looking to modernize your practice with embedded tools? Check out our eBook, Optometry Practice Playbook for Running a Modern Practice.

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