What’s the Hardest Part about Running Your Optometric Practice?

Running a successful optometric practice requires help. Unfortunately, building a team of qualified and loyal staff members is one of the more difficult challenges your optometric practice will have to face.

Whether you’re looking for an optician, technician, or office manager, recruiting and retaining your optometric staff takes a lot of skill and time. Below are some resources we’ve put together to help you create a team focused on delivering enhanced patient care.

Tools and Tips for Recruiting Your Optometric Practice Staff

Use Online Job BoardsDiscover the tools and tips you need to recruit your optometric practice staff.

Placing classified ads in the local paper isn’t as effective of a recruiting tool as it used to be. Online job boards like Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor give your practice greater reach than traditional print job postings. With online job boards, you can quickly search through their database of resumes to help select your ideal candidate.

Job boards are all great recruiting tools, but it becomes difficult to manage when you have to jump between multiple sites to update the job description or edit the information. Utilizing ZipRecruiter, you can post and edit job opportunities to over 40 sites including Craigslist, Simply Hired, Monster, and more from one location.

Improve Social Media Presence

Job boards aren’t the only recruiting tool your practice should use to attract potential candidates. A recent study shows that 48% of respondents use social media in their job search. Candidates use social media platforms likes Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to research company culture, check customer reviews, and apply to positions.

Establish a Hiring Process

Unrealistic expectations, poor interview techniques, and lengthy decision processes are causing your optometric practice to miss out on placing your ideal candidates. Before you reach out to a candidate to secure an interview, do your research to see if the person is a good fit for your practice, your patient, and the culture your staff works well in. Avoid bringing in the wrong candidate by establishing a hiring process for before, during, and after the interview.

For tips on creating a hiring process for your optical practice, review these resources:

Ask the Right Questions

Finding the perfect fit for your optometric practice is challenging. Recruiting a qualified person who not only meets the job requirements but also can get along with your other staff members and patients can take a great deal of time. Asking the right questions during the interview process will narrow down your search. Asking questions to identify the candidate’s past work experience, thought process, strengths, and weaknesses will help you sort candidates who are suitable for your practice.

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