Where To Donate Old Frames In Your Optometric Practice

When your patients purchase frames from your optometric practice, they have to decide what they are going to do with their old frames. If their prescription hasn’t changed too drastically, they can keep using their old frames as a backup set. But, if they are given a new prescription or have multiple, dated backup frames, then you can ask them to donate them.

There are dozens of organizations that collect gently used eyeglasses to help improve the quality of life for less fortunate people by helping them see clearly. Below are a few organizations you can support in your optometric practice to donate used frames.

Organizations To Donate Used Frames To

Local Lions ClubWhere you can donate used frames in your optometric practice.

The Lions Club International is a worldwide organization whose members serve their community through different volunteer programs. Some of the activities that the members participate in focus on improving eye health, preventing blindness, restoring eyesight, and providing eyecare for millions of people worldwide. One such program is the Eyeglass recycling program.

With 3,373 eyeglass collection locations, you and your patients can donate eyeglasses that are no longer needed. Contact your local Lions Club for more information on how you can participate in the sight programs or donate frames and glasses.

Eyes of Hope

Eyes of Hope and Eye Make A Difference is a program that has helps 2 billion people worldwide who don’t have access to eyewear because of their income, distance, or disaster. According to their website, nearly 393,000 pairs of gently used glasses and readers have been donated for VSP doctors to take on mission trips.

To learn more about this program, visit their website and fill out the form to request a free eyewear donation box.


Respectacle is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the redistribution of quality, used eyeglasses to underserved communities worldwide.

Respectacle has eyeglass collection bins across the country. But, if you don’t live near any of their drop-off locations, you can ship your used glasses to them. Learn more here.

New Eyes

New Eyes for the Needy is a not-for-profit founded in 1932 with the mission of improving the vision for the poor. New Eyes accepts, recycles, and distributes donated glasses for poor people overseas. Hundreds of adult and student volunteers operate their recycling program.

Learn more about the recycling program from New Eyes and join the Rockin’ For New Eyes event on March 17th at Vision Expo East.

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