The Optometry Billing Webinar Everyone Should Watch

Expanding the medical side of the optometry practice has been on everyone's mind lately. We know that because our webinar, 6 Steps to Scaling Your Medical Billing, has been popular this year.

The billing process changes based on the volume of claims and the type of claims. And, in the words of Winston Churchill, "when the fact change, so does my mind." We want to make sure your practice is set up for success when you experience medical growth. Enjoy the following excerpt of our popular, on-demand webinar.

Watch: Scaling Your Medical Billing in 2021

In this first step of the webinar, Shane discusses what "scaling" means within your practice. He shows you how to identify and address labor issues, limited budget, or lack of knowledge.



One pain point that Shane addresses is the lack of time and resources in your practice. Many ODs assume that hiring an in-house biller is their only option. However, it can be risky to trust an in-house biller that has limited optometry knowledge with more complex medical exam billing. Furthermore, hiring an in-house biller and relying 100% on them without any process-checking on your end is like putting all your eggs in one basket. That's why we encourage you to watch the full webinar so that you can build your knowledge on best processes, common mistakes, and other expert tips.

Watch the entire webinar on-demand below:

Watch the Webinar On Demand

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