3 Steps To Retooling Your Optometric Practice

As your optometric practice grows, you encounter new challenges that complicate the way you administer care to your patients and run a business. To overcome these obstacles, you have to assess how you currently do things and identify the changes that need to be made to your current process.

However, many practice owners are still using outdated practice management and EHR solutions that haven’t kept up with the practice need or patient demands for a faster exam. To address the challenges of using out-of-date practice management and EHR solution in your optometric practice, you need to retool your practice’s optometry software.

How To Successfully Retool Your Optometric Practice

Get Staff InputLearn how to successfully retool your optometric practice software.

One of the first steps in retooling your optometric practice is to get input from your staff. Getting to understand how your staff currently uses the solution, what matters most to them in selecting a new solution, and recognizing the drawbacks in the current solution will help you identify the software that meets some or all of your staff’s requirements.

Getting staff buy-in early on will also make your staff feel more involved with the purchasing decision and will reduce their resistance to chance which burdens many practices when they switch their optometry software.

Vet Vendors

Once you’ve identified what you and your staff need from the new optometry solution, it’s time to start vetting software. Taking the time to talk to the vendor and ask them questions to help understand how their practice will migrate your patient data and how they will meet your needs is an essential step in retooling optometry software.

Complete Training

After your selected your new optometry software vendor, it’s vital to stay on top of the training recommendations so you and your staff can gain confidence in using the solution without slowing down your office workflow or impacting the patient experience. Utilizing as many of your vendor’s training materials as you can to ensure that you and your staff have a full understanding of the solution’s capabilities.

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