Managing Eye Care Employees: The Millennial Edition

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Tue, Mar 08, 2016 @ 10:03 AM

We understand the challenges that many eyecare practices go through to find and hire quality, long-term employees for their practice. Millennial employees can make a big impact on your practice, but some of the traits they possess will make the way you manage your employees a little different. Let's look at a few different characteristics some millennial employees might possess, and a few different management tips you can take away for hanging onto these employees in your practice. 

Managing Eye Care Employees: Attracting and Keeping Millennials

Manage Career Expectationsmanaging eye care employees

A trait of many millennials is that they like to set goals and expectations for their career path, and they often respond well to instant gratification. This is something you can help manage and envision in your eyecare practice by setting timelines for goals and raises, promotions, or bonuses that are tied to meeting those goals that a new hire can expect. 

Provide Opportunities to Give Back

An easy and rewarding benefit that you can offer to your employees is the opportunity to give back to the community. And really, this could double as marketing and awareness for your practice. If you are offering paid time off for employees to volunteer in the community you could ask your staff to wear a practice branded t-shirt for the volunteer event, and to take a photo to share on your social media page. 

Communicate Efficiently

Another part of instant gratification ties into how millennials like to communicate and get feedback. Waiting around for annual reviews isn't typically how millennials like to get their feedback. They much prefer quicker feedback on the tasks they are currently working on. On top of providing timely and quick communication, you might also consider how you reach out to employees via text or email instead of phone calls.

Embrace the Team

Millennials were raised working in groups and teams, and many of them prefer this type of working environment. You can embrace the idea of team in your eyecare practice by setting up practice wide goals. Once goals are met, reward the team. This could be something like bringing in lunch or breakfast to the office, or holding an out of office happy hour or team building activity.  

Become a Tech Savvy Practice

Millennials probably won't be too impressed with your practice if you're still running things like the 90's. Millennials are known for being a tech savvy generation, so use this to your advantage. Ask them for advice on making your practice more modern, or ask them to take on the social media role in your practice. Having modern technology and devices can impress both new employees and patients. 

Encourage Education

Probably all of the employees in your practice value their education and the ability to continue to grow throughout their career, not just your millennials. What can you do in your practice to encourage educational growth? Are you able to help pay for online classes, or for your staff to attend CE at tradeshows? Putting money into education for your employees is another way to put money back into your business. 

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