10 Ways to Elevate Employees in Your Eyecare Practice

A happy team in your eyecare practice is going to be easily noticed by your patients. Think about when you walk into a business. It's usually pretty easy to get a sense of the vibe, culture, and happiness of the workers. But, managing a team on top of your daily responsibility of providing quality patient care can be challenging. That's why we put together a list of resources to help you tackle any existing employee management issues that could be lingering in your practice. Some you might be aware of, but others could be things that you haven't thought about that could negatively effect your team.

Keep Staff Happy in Your Eyecare Practice Using These Resources

Maintain a Modern WorkflowiStock-535505726.jpg

Daily work challenges caused by inefficient tools and processes in your office can cause frustration among your staff. Empowering your team with modern tools and systems that will make their daily lives easier will help keep employee morale up, and will allow them to perform their best work.

Welcome New Employees

It's not easy being the new kid in the office. The first few weeks on the job can make or break an employee's success in the role. Which makes the way you manage and onboard each employee in those first few weeks so important. Use these six tips to help you better welcome new employees into your
practice the right way.

Clean Up Your Culture

The culture in your practice could have a big effect on the happiness of your employees. But, saying you have a positive office culture isn't the same as actually implementing and living by that culture. Make sure you're not doing these 7 things that could be destroying your practice culture and staff happiness.

Uncover Problem Employees

Just about everyone has been in a situation where they've had to work with someone who is toxic to the team causing big issues in the work environment. But, how do you spot these problem employees, and what do you do about them when you have one in your practice?

Ditch Bad Manager Habits

When you hop into private practice straight out of optometry school, you might be put in a situation where you're managing a team of staff when you've never had the experience of managing employees before. Are you guilty of any of these bad manager habits that could be effecting your team?

Prevent Burn Out

Everyone suffers from burn out at some point or another in their career. Burn out in your eyecare pratice could mean decreased productivity, poor patient experiences, workplace tension, and even high employee turnover. Use these six steps to help prevent burn out among your team.

Avoid Hiring Mistakes

When it comes to building the right team in your practice, hiring right from the start is important. It can be easy to make a hiring mistake due to a limited supply of candidates or the urgency to fill a need. But, making the wrong hire can be more costly then taking your time to find the right fit. We've listed 5 hiring mistakes to avoid the next time you're making an addition to your practice.

Communicate Effectively

A good relationship with your employees starts with effective communication. When you have a wide variety of personality types within your practice, how you give feedback and communicate could vary. Use these tips to help improve communication to provide more productive feedback for your team.

Refer to Your Team as Experts

Your patients come to you because you are an expert in eye health and they trust and value your expertise and opinions. And, patients should feel that same way about each of the staff in your practice. Empowering your employees to be experts in their designated roles will help enhance that feeling with your patients, and your staff will likely take more pride in the roles they serve in your practice.

Create Career Paths

Setting career paths for your employees will benefit you, your team, and your practice as a whole. It will help your team better develop the talent and expertise you need to take your practice to the next level. Plus, your staff will appreciate that you've put the time and energy into caring about the effects each of them has on the practice. Use these ideas to help build those career paths for each of your team members.

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