15 Tips For New Optometry School Graduates


For optometry's class of 2019, they're in their final stretch. They get to start a career in the eyecare industry while trends are changing, technology is adapting, and ECPs are gaining momentum.

While the next chapter may seem a bit scary, they don’t have to go at it alone. Below are some tips from the optometry community that can be useful throughout an optometry career. Feel free to share it with new optometry grads that you know or incorporate them into pep talks for any grad.

Advice For New Optometry School Graduates

Tips On Money15 pieces of advice for new optometry school graduates

  1. Join the military and apply for loan repayment
  2. Payoff your loans as early as you can
  3. Invest in your retirement (even without a 401k)
  4. Don’t live above your means. Create a monthly budget.
  5. Don’t be afraid of good debt if it will help you build a better practice

Advice For Business

  1. Get everything in writing
  2. Hire experienced staff that share your practice goals
  3. Find a specialty
  4. Work with a mentor
  5. Know your strengths and get help for your weaknesses

Guidance For Life

  1. Never stop asking questions
  2. Practice where you want to live, don’t live where you have to practice
  3. Join optometry groups like ODs on Facebook or Corporate Optometry
  4. Take care of yourself
  5. Have fun

Congratulations to optometry’s class of 2018!

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