3 Essential Steps To A Successful Optometry Software Switch


There are many reasons why your optometric practice may be in need of a new practice management and EHR software solution. Whether you’re thinking about switching your solution because of hidden fees, user complexity, or lack of innovating updates, you need to follow these three tips to ensure a successful optometry software switch for your practice.

Steps To Optometry Software Switching Success

Get Staff OnboardUse these tips to strengthen your chance of optometry software migration success in 2018

While the decision to change software may be your own, because your staff relies on using the software to do their job effectively, they should be included in the decision making process as well. Getting staff buy-in early will help you discover how your team uses the current solution, and what the team needs to do their job more effectively and streamline the office workflow.

In addition to identifying features which promote increased productivity, getting staff buy-in will improve employee satisfaction and lessen the resistance to change.

Know Your Data

The data migration component is typically the biggest concern of switching optometry software solutions. However, if you take the time to work with the vendors and understand what data you need to migrate, then you will increase your chances of a successful software migration.

When looking to understand your data, identify what actually has to be transferred, know the migration process, and learn how the new solution will store and collect data to minimize the impact the migration will have on your practice.

Follow Training Recommendations

Because optometry software is such an essential piece of running an effective, modern optometric practice, you and your staff need to focus on mastering the new solution end-to-end. Use all of the vendor’s training resources to prepare you and your staff on how to use the software to streamline your optometric practice and optimize patient care.

Thinking about upgrading your optometry software solution for the new year? Download the Complete Guide On Upgrading To Modern Optometry Software for more tips on a successful migration.

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