3 Signs Your Practice is Singing the Optometry Office Software Blues


optometry office softwareClient-server practice management systems are those that require you to have a physical server in your practice. In the past, this set up was the only option for practices that wanted to use optometry office software to run their businesses. Today there are different options, but a lot of practices are still dealing with the frustrations of their client-server, or legacy systems.

What's worse is that many ODs are singing the client-server blues and they don't even know it! They've been dealing with the legacy software for so long that they don't even realize that they are jumping through hurdles when they dont have to. Could this be you? 

Is Your Practice Singing the Optometry Client-Server Blues?

  1. You aren't on the latest version of your optometry office software. Is there a new version available and you haven't upgraded because you don't want to deal with the logistics?
  2. You are paying someone to manage your IT needs. Do you have to rely on someone else to help you manage your software and hardware?
  3. You have to ensure security and backup measures. Is backing up your data and maintaining security of your data falling on your shoulders? 

If this sounds familiar, it might be time to think about your options! That's the great thing about technology. It's always changing and bringing you more convenient ways of doing things. Practice management and EHR software is no exception. There are new solutions available and improvements in technology coming at rapid speed. The days of having to settle for a solution that doesn't make your life easier are gone.

What options are you exploring for practice management and EHR software?

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