Tell-Tale Signs it's Time to Update Your Optometry Software

Your practice management and EHR system should enhance and simplify the workflow of your optical practice. There are many things that can slow down or hinder your workflow, and that's why we compiled some of the most common problems that can occur in an optical practice. 

Whether or not it’s time for your eyecare practice to switch or upgrade your optometry software is completely dependent on your own practice’s situation. New software is a costly investment, and you will want to make sure that you're getting the most bang for your buck, along with setting your practice up for a successful future. If you are unsure about your current optometry software or just don’t know about your other options, these tell-tale signs might help you see the light. 

Does Your Practice Need More from Your Optometry Software?

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When going through an exam, even when the tools of the software are performing perfectly, a complicated and disorganized interface can make finding important data difficult. Frantically scrambling around the computer trying to find data rushes the OD, wastes time, and can even result in errors in diagnosis and coding. As a practice, running software with a cluttered interface can have huge workflow consequences, and an EHR that increases time consumption can hinder productivity.

IT Hassles

Spending less time dealing with IT issues and more time with your patients will help free up time and focus for your entire team. Security, upgrades, and backups can be handled by your vendor and will help you out big time if you don't have a lot of IT experience. Vendors can provide educational resources and training on IT functions, but if you're having to figure it out on your own, it can be a mess.

If you're using a cloud-based software, IT hassles are easier to handle. You no longer have to worry about closing down the office in order to perform updates, or about the security of servers in your office. These routine things are now automatically and securely done by your cloud vendor. Using a cloud-based practice management system also allows all of your data to be stored by your vendor, and can function on a 3G or 4G connection if an Internet outage occurs.

Lacking a Patient Portal

A patient portal can help save your practice incredible amounts of time. Patient portals enable patients to do things like request online appointments, pay bills online, access treatment instructions, and fill out pre-appointment paperwork. Patient portals are a great tool for helping your patients help themselves. It's going to save your staff time from being on the phone scheduling appointments and answering questions. Most of all, the convenience of a patient portal is likely to boost patient satisfaction.

MIPS and Coding Updates

MIPS requirements have developed over the past few years and caused many practices stress and frustration. Whether you are participating in MIPS or not, software that is completely certified for participation is going to have all the bells and whistles that your practice is looking for. On top of MIPS, a system that is prepared for ICD updates is going to help your practice prepare as well. 

The shifting ICD codes is another complicated matter for some, and again requires updates and training. If your system readily takes on ICD updates, it's going to help you and your staff ease into the transition. Learning all the new codes won't be as challenging if you are documenting correctly which can allow the right system to suggest the right codes for you.

Any of the reasons above would almost always justify an EHR upgrade, but it all depends on your own practice. Try to analyze your practice’s situation to see what inefficiencies your EHR isn’t addressing, and see if these challenges can be met and solved with an upgrade or new vendor.

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