3 Ways To Bring Focus Back Into Your Optometric Practice

For most people, it’s the time of the year where things are slowing down a bit. However, in the eye care industry, most optometric practices are packed with patients trying to use their benefits before the end of the year. During times like these, it’s essential that you help keep your staff focused on completing their tasks and limit distractions.

Small distractions may seem insignificant. However, one article notes that it can take 23 minutes to refocus after an interruption. When your practice needs to maximize efficiency to manage the end of the year rush, you need to eliminate distractions and help your staff remained focused on delivering exceptional patient care. This post offers a few tips for bringing focus back into your optometric practice after the holidays.

How To Limit Distractions In Your Optometric Practice

DeclutterTips for bringing focus back into your optometric practice.

The first step in reducing distractions in your optometric practice is to remove clutter. While a messy desk may help spark creativity, an untidy work environment may cause you to lose focus more quickly. To reduce clutter, try limiting your practice’s dependency on paper and ask your staff to organize their space at the end of the day.

Enlist Productivity Hacks

There are dozens of productivity hacks to help keep you and your staff focused on maximizing efficiency. Using productivity hacks can help change the way your staff approaches their tasks and may reduce the stress associated with it.

Each member of your team is unique, so things that help your optician stay focused may not work for your office manager or biller. Try employing some or all of the productivity hacks listed in this article until you find something that works for each team member.

Limit Temptations

When your job requires you to be on the internet the majority of the time, it can be tempting to open a new browser and log into your favorite social media platform. While asking your staff to refrain from using their phone or surfing the web while at work may be enough, it may also be beneficial to block non-work related sites or set technology boundaries to limit the distractions when working.  

Another way to avoid this type of distraction is to use an all-in-one cloud-based EHR and practice management solution. With a solution like Uprise Pro, optometric practices can move a patient from check-in to check-out without having to switch software applications or open a new browser.

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