4 Reasons People are Scared of Cloud Computing in Eye Care

Many people have fears associated with the use of cloud computing in eye care, and with the lack of knowledge out there, it makes sense. However, anyone who does their research knows that cloud computing is not only something that should not be feared, it should be adopted sooner rather than later, because it is the basis for future business models.

How to Cope with Your Fears of Cloud Computing in Eye Care

Are You Scared of the Unknown?

It can be nerve-wracking to try something new. Especially when you do not fully understand how it works. In a nutshell, having your data in the cloud means that your data is stored in a secured server in a remote location off-site of your practice. You access all data through a web browser (like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer). There are many benefits to accessing your data in this manner, and we will discuss them through each of the following sections.

How do you cope with being scared of expensive software?


Don’t be. If anything, cloud computing will prove to be cheaper in regards to both upfront costs and the total cost of ownership. Since you don’t have to purchase bulky servers to maintain your mass amount of information and data, or continuously buy software when a new upgrade rolls out. You have more money to input into other areas of your budget.

Are you scared of giving a third-party control of your information?

It is very reasonable to be afraid of surrendering any control of your data, however, what you have to understand is that the vendor is just as concerned as you are about security. When they take on the task of protecting your information, they become liable for it, too.

How do you handle being scared of software becoming outdated?

Cloud computing has been around longer than most people think, its just become more of a mainstream tool in the past few years. With the sheer numbers of businesses and people adopting it, there is no way that it is just a fleeting fad. If anything, cloud computing represents the future of database software.

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