How Cloud Technology Could Impact Your Eyecare Practice

Technology can play a big role in your practice's workflow. It can also be one of the best ways to keep everyone in your eyecare practice on the same page and working together as seamlessly as possible. If you're the optician in the office, the right software technology can help keep you as up to date as possible on every patient that walks into the dispensary at the end of their appointment. 

So when your practice is shopping for practice management and EHR software, the type of technology the system is built on can have a big effect on how your practice works together. We've put together a list of questions you should be asking software vendors about technology as your practice is going through the software buying process. Let's take a look.

15 Cloud Technology Questions to Consider When Buying New Software

  1. Is the software client server, cloud-hosted, or cloud-based?cloud technology
  2. Does the EHR operate with our current practice management system?
  3. If the system is client server, what are the hardware and IT maintenance costs associated?
  4. How do I choose hardware if I have no background in technology?
  5. What RAM, processor speed, and other tech requirements are needed?
  6. For cloud-hosted systems, are there fees to host the software? Or additional fees for upgrades and IT maintenance?
  7. If it's a cloud-based software, what security is in place to protect the data?
  8. Is the system HIPAA compliant?
  9. Are there operating system requirements? 
  10. Is the system and interface easy to use for people who aren't tech savvy?
  11. Are there different versions of the system to learn for desktop and mobile applications, or are they the same?
  12. What Internet bandwidth will the practice need to operate the system at full capacity?
  13. Can I use the software on different devices like tablets and mobile?
  14. How do updates and upgrades to the system happen?
  15. What is the set up process like?

When considering different software options, technology isn't the only thing you should be asking vendors about. That's why we compiled a list of over 50 questions you should be asking when shopping around for new practice management and EHR software. Get the full list of questions today so you can make the most informed purchase decision! 

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