Spring Break Specials for Eyecare Practices

For many practices, spring break is one of the busiest times of the year. Although spring break is usually associated with beach vacations and travel, it's also one of the best times for students home from college and all school children to get their eye exams.

Your practice could see high traffic, especially in corporate locations, when families have the time to go to the mall or spend time waiting for a walk-in appointment.

We'll show you a few ways to generate and prepare for a spring break rush of patients in today's blog.

How to Make the Most of Spring Break


Keep your practice top of mind with retargeting campaigns through Google ads or a third party. After they go live, these ads don't take any time or energy to maintain and they show up when your website visitors leave your page. These ads can include spring-break-themed imagery with your practice's address, email, and phone number or you can promote a special offer to add value.

The Vision Source poster below is also a spring-themed message to send home with patients or post around as traditional advertisements in your corporate location or locally.

Poster for Spring 2020

College Student Discounts

For the college students who aren't traveling, spring break is the perfect time to visit their familiar doctors in their hometown. Depending on the population of families in your area, this could create an influx in your walk-in traffic. Entice these walk-ins to come back and build new loyalty with a special exam or purchase discount for any student who can present their college ID. You could also create a college-related special offer, such as blue light glasses or a "trending frames" display. Make sure your opticians encourage anyone aged 18-24 to buy from your dispensary rather than online.

Eye Health Education

Whether your patients are going swimming or sunning, keeping their eye health top of mind is important. Create a poster of advice and recommendations for polarized sunglasses, goggles, hats, and other tips while your patients are on vacation. Although these might already be part of your patient education, a reminder never hurts. If you have the capacity, your dispensary can sell travel content lens cases and solutions that improve contact lens hygiene during vacations.

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