4 Reasons Your Optometry Software Might be Stressing Out Your Staff


There are enough factors in an eyecare practice that could be causing your staff to stress out. Your optometry software shouldn't be one of them. With a wide variety of practice management and EHR systems out on the market, you should be able to find one that fits with your practice's needs and that your staff loves! So don't settle for a solution that's going to give you headaches down the road.

Is Your Optometry Software Stressing Out Your Staff?optometry software

Unreliable Support

No matter the type of technology or software, you're bound to run into a few bumps in the road. If the customer service and support of your software vendor is unreliable, your staff is going to get frustrated. You need to have support that your staff can easily get a hold of to get answers to any of their questions. On top of that, your staff shouldn't have to waste their time on the phone with customer support teams. Does the vendor have multiple ways to get a hold of their support? Email? Live chat? Q&A sessions? Your staff shouldn't have to waste valuable customer facing time while they are on hold waiting for the next available assistant to help them.

The System is Out of Date

If you've been using the same system in your office forever there's a chance it could be out of date. We know that switching to a new system can be a big under-taking, so we understand why you've been sticking with one system for a while. But does the system allow your staff to be as efficient as possible? Or, does it take a million clicks to get to where they need to be? Technology is evolving everyday, and so should your optometry software.

Another aspect of this is that you might be using an old version of your system. Updates happen regularly, and with a legacy client-server system you have to purchase upgrades to the system and find the time to install them in your office, and sometimes this can get put on the back burner. With cloud-based systems updates happen automatically without any new installations on your end, or extra costs. If you're looking for an easy way to keep your system as up to date as possible, a cloud solution is the way to go!

EHR SoftwareResponsibility of Security

If you're using a client-server system in your office, you're responsible for maintaining the security and back-ups of your server and data. This isn't an easy task for someone without a lot of technical knowledge, but it's definitely important. Some things you will need to keep in mind when securing a client-server system in your office is physical security of the server, anti-virus protection, firewalls, and data encryption. If you're relying on a staff member to maintain your security it could be a stressful situation if they don't have the technical knowledge.

With cloud-based systems your system security is maintained by the software vendor. Which takes the IT burden of security and back-ups off of you and your staff.

Meaningful Use Certification

If you're using a system that isn't certified for Meaningful Use, you and your staff could be missing out on features that could be making your lives easier. Not only does having a certified system allow you to participate in the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, which will reward your practice with incentive payments and allow you to avoid payment penalties come 2015, but certified systems are packed with features like patient portals, clinical decision support, and E-Prescribing that helps your staff be more efficient in their daily tasks. All while providing better care for your patients.

Do you think your optometry software is stressing out your staff? Check out Uprise, a cloud-based practice management and EHR software!

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