4 Ways Cloud-Based EHR Helps Small Practices Compete

Having a small independent practice can mean working with limited resources. While you try to make it work, it's always a good idea to check out what's new and how you can work efficiently, all while saving a few bucks. Today, we want to show you how a cloud-based EHR can help independent practices save time and money, and even compete with the big guys!

If you're not in the cloud already, you're either using a client-server practice management solution, or  you're still working with paper. There are several advantages that the cloud can offer a small practice including predictable pricing, enterprise-level security, easy accessibility, and worry-free IT maintenance. Let's look a little deeper into how these benefits are going to help your practice succeed. 

How Cloud-Based EHR is Helping Independent Practices

cloud-based EHRPredictable Pricing

One of the biggest business obstacles for small practices is finding ways to save on costs. And purchasing a practice management and EHR software can be a big investment. So how does cloud-based software help you save on costs? For starters, you won't have to purchase upfront hardware, like a server. And there are no software installations for your computers so you don't have to worry about purchasing multiple licenses of the software for each of your devices. On top of that, in the cloud, updates happen automatically, so you won't have to purchase different upgraded versions of the software to keep your office up-to-date, like you might have to with a client-server solution.

Reliable Security

When it comes to the cloud, many people have reservations about the security of their information. But in reality, the cloud is likely much more secure than the data you store in your office. If you choose to go with a cloud vendor they take care of securing your data for you, and cloud vendors offer enterprise-level security  that would be very expensive for you to maintain on your own server in your practice. Cloud vendors are able to keep your data safe by using things like 128-bit data encryption, separate databases for users, and secure data centers with a number of controls to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

Access from Anywhere

When it comes to owning your own practice, being able to access your data from outside of your office is a big plus, especially if you're the only doc and don't have a partner to turn to when you aren't in the office. With cloud-based software you log in to your system from a URL, which means you can access the system from any device with an Internet connection. No worrying about having the software installed on your computer, which means that from home you can manage office operations such as maintenance of patient records, running office reports, and reviewing finances.

If you're looking to take your practice from computers to tablets, cloud-based software can help take you there. Not all cloud-based systems are optimized for tablet use, but there are options out there that are built to be both computer and tablet friendly for your office!

IT is No Longer Your Problem

With a client-server software you're obligated to install, maintain, update, and secure both your software and server. And that can be a difficult task if you don't have someone on your team with a strong IT background. Chances are you've had to hire out an IT consultant to do this work for you. But with the cloud, all of your IT worries are taken care of by the vendor. Not having to rely on an IT consultant is another way the cloud helps you cut costs and get the most value from your software investment!

Are you ready to learn more about taking your practice to the cloud? Check out Uprise, our cloud-based practice management and EHR software!

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