5 Ideas For Promoting Your Optometric Practice’s Trunk Show


The end of summer-break is fast approaching. With the anticipation of members of your community and patient base returning to school, your optometric practice is going to be busy with patients wanting to renew their prescription and update their look with new frames. Now is the perfect time to host a trunk show.

Having a trunk show in your optometric practice can help you showcase your frame selection to help generate dispensary sales.  However, in order to host a successful trunk show, you need to promote the event to get patients into your practice.

This post provides a few strategies for promoting your next trunk show.

5 Successful Strategies to Promote Your Optometric Practice Trunk Show

Email PatientsUse these five successful strategies when promoting your optometric practice's next trunk show.

An effective email strategy can boost engagement in your optometric practice. One of the benefits of email is that you can use it to promote special events. Being one of the easiest ways to promote a trunk show, you can use an email service solution to reach out to your patients who have previously purchased from your practice to inform them of the event. You could also work the trunk show into your patient recall message.

Update Website

Promoting your trunk show on your website is another effective marketing strategy. Whether you’re promoting the event on your home page or on your blog, implementing these marketing strategies will give you more visibility by posting the ad where many of your patients go to schedule an appointment or learn more about your practice.

Advertise In A Local Paper

Getting advertising space in the local newspaper may not be as effective as it used to, but if your community has a widely read publication in print; it might be worth the effort to promote the event. While print media isn’t what it used to be, it’s not dead. One article claims that 40% of Americans still read printed newspapers in a given week, so advertising in your local newspaper can still be used to help you reach people in your community to promote the trunk show.

When advertising in your local newspaper, consider the advertising rate, how much space you would need for the ad, and how long you would need to run it.

Create Postcards

Sometimes, digital marketing strategies might not be the best approach to attract your patients. If you’re marketing to an older patient base, or want to promote the event through a more personalized approach, you can design and mail postcards to your patients to promote the event or hand them out at the end of an appointment as a reminder.

Additionally, you can use the postcards to hand out to other businesses in your community to see if they will promote the event on your behalf to try and capture new patients.

Use Social Media

Social media is a quick, powerful, and cost-effective way to promote events in your optometric practice. However, there are a number of tactics, challenges, and tools that you practice should consider when creating a social media strategy.

Whether promoting posts across all of your social platforms or using Facebook Advertising to gain attention, here are a few resources to help you effectively use social media in your practice:

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