7 Common Questions Asked During an EHR Software Demo

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Sat, Feb 20, 2016 @ 12:02 PM

When you're preparing to shop for new practice management and EHR software, things can get overwhelming. It's a big decision, and there are a lot of different options out there to choose from. We asked our sales team about the most common questions they typically get asked during a software demo. It's important to ask the same questions during each different demo so that you're able to fill out as much information as possible, and when it comes time to compare systems, you can compare on a level playing field. Here are some common questions to ask during your demo, along with the answers pertaining to Uprise practice management and EHR.

Questions to Ask During an EHR Software Demo

Q: What tools are included?

On top of the features and functionality you get with Uprise practice management and EHR, you also get a suite of embedded tools that are built into the system, at no extra cost. Our embedded tools include:

  • Frame Catalogs
  • Patient Recall
  • ePrescribing
  • Patient Education
  • Code Verification, powered by CodeSAFE

Q: Can I access the system on a tablet?Hello.jpg

Yes, Uprise is a true cloud software, meaning it stores and hosts your data through the Internet. You will access your system by logging into a URL, which you can do from any device with a reliable Internet connection. 

Q: What equipment does the system integrate with?

Uprise currently integrates with patient measurement devices such as lensmeters, autorefractors, and keratometers. Check out specific manufacturers and models on the equipment page of our website. We plan to continually add more equipment. 

Q: How do you assist with the set up process?

Your practice will be assigned an account manager the moment you decide Uprise is the system for you, and you'll get a kick off call with the Uprise team to determine your practice's unique needs. From there we'll work with you to gather important office information that will help us prepare a specific plan for your practice.

Q: Can patients fill in forms before they come in for an appointment?

Yes. Through the patient portal you can send customized forms for patients to fill out prior to their appointment. 

Q: How do recalls work?

Uprise automatically generates appointment reminders based on your customized settings, and you can preset the patient recall reason and notification period based on the time of the last visit. Reminders and recalls will then be sent automatically when the appointment is due. 

Q: Can I customize my own exams?

Yes. Uprise comes with a few default exam types, but you're able to configure many aspects of our default types, or even create your own. You can configure exams, counseling materials, message templates, treatment code mappings, dilation set up, and recommendation topics to fit the needs of your practice. 

Download our complete list of questions to ask your software vendor.

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