Gathering Advice from Your Optometry Community

Getting advice from peers can be tough when you're not attending events or really meeting new peers in your field. However, having a fellow OD or two to talk to every few months can be invaluable and help you feel connected to your community.

Maybe you're considering selling to private equity? Or there's a conflict between your team that you're unsure how to solve? There are plenty of OD-specific situations that you just can't google for solutions. We want to help you expand your circle and network to help you through the tough or even exciting changes your practice will undergo.

Ways to Establish Connections with ODs

Talk to Your Referrals

If you've got a few referral doctors, go to them with questions about expansion. They might work in a different discipline, but they are an unbiased and helpful resource to bounce ideas off. Furthermore, they can connect you with other ODs in their network that are not in direct competition with you or work in a different state. It's also just good practice to keep in touch with referral doctors to make sure you're doing everything you can to help them reach their goals.

ODs on Facebook

You maybe already be part of the popular Facebook group, but have you ever posted a question? You're likely to receive more than one response, no matter what the subject matter. If it's something that's more personal, you can network on the Facebook group and directly message an OD you trust. Of course, the group is an overall helpful resource for relevant information, stories, and validation. When you're having a rough day or if you just need to laugh about a funny patient story, this is the place you can go for a mood boost.

Join an Association or Group

Search for local groups online, through ODs on Facebook, and the AOA website. You'll be able to ask more location-specific questions, meet up in person every now and then, and even buy equipment or office supplies from each other when needed. If you're not already part of a larger, nationwide group like PERC Alliance or Healthy Eyes Advantage, you might want to look into their discounts and opportunities.

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