34% Sales Growth During a Pandemic: An Interview with Dr. Stanley

Everyone has had to handle situations in their practice that they hadn't prepared for recently. These situations could be providing remote care when you're still using paper for your healthcare records or it could be functioning with half the staff you usually are able to have. If you've found yourself in these tough situations, we hope you've had a chance to adjust and maybe even find success through them. We want to help share advice from the ODs who have overcome obstacles to create a more tenacious practice.

Our representative, Alison Mounce, will interview Dr. Matt Stanley on Wednesday to find out how he handled these changes and made his total practice relocation as smooth as possible amidst COVID-19 closures and precautions. Register here to attend.

A 2020 OD Success Story Worth Sharing

matt stanley odDr. Matt Stanley is a practicing OD at Eyecare Associates of Manhattan. P.A. His practice had just moved locations at the beginning of 2020. They were already relying on comprehensive cloud-based software to stay in communication with his staff and patients. Little did they know that they'd have to overcome the hurdle of the new practice closing soon due to COVID-19 distancing mandates.

Dr. Stanley's team was already dealing with the headache of moving over equipment, setting up new workflows and processes, changing addresses, and informing patients. Then, after March, they weren't able to have a full staff in the practice at the same time.

Despite the inevitable miscommunications and frustrations, Dr. Stanley's team stayed efficient and actually experienced 34% growth in optical sales from 2019. He credits this to a few different strategic moves and tools. We found his to be a success story worth sharing. 

Tune into Dr. Stanley's story from 7-7:30pm CST 
Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

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