Happy Valentine's Day! Show Your Eyecare Practice Some LOVE!

Posted by Hannah Hutyra on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 09:02 AM

Show Your Eyecare Practice Some LoveIt's February, the month of love! And while many of us are single, Valentine's Day is not only about showing your significant other how much you love them. It's a day full of love and I hope that you get the chance to share some of yours at your eyecare practice! Rather than bringing each of your employees or coworkers a box of chocolates or some flowers for the office (even though you can do that as well), bring something into your practice that can last the entire year or even years to come!

Marketing your eyecare practice is important, and we know at VisionWeb that marketing with a little love can go a long way. Start fresh this Valentine's day by achieving your goals and creating the presence of love that you want to share with your customers with our own LOVE acronym!

Love testomonials can drive in new business!

Reach out to your patients and ask them how it's going. Asking your patients how they're enjoying their new spectacle lenses and your in-house service can really get the attention of others! More people these days are looking online to see what people think of businesses, so give them some great outside information to look at. Plus, the insight from your patients will allow you to figure out what you're doing right and where there is room for improvement!

Order some new, creative business cards or other fun merch!

Make your eyecare practice memorable! Order some fun new business cards, postcards to send on the holidays, or even personal appointment reminders thaat you can mail along with that boring email. These things can be found pretty cheap online through a business called MOO! Check out their website to jog your mind on some fun ideas that might be fit for your eyecare practice. Give out a free tshirt to new patients that has a catchy slogan on it, maybe even some cheap plastic sunglasses that everyone needs a pair of, anything! Getting creative and putting your name out there for the world to see might just be what your practice needs to drive in new business!

Virtual hearts to all of your patients!

Send out an email, set out some roses, send a personal card. Whatever you do next time you see your patient, make sure you personalize their visit. Having a relationship with your patient, will make the love go all around. They will begin bragging about your office and word-of-mouth marketing is becoming more and more important these days. Showing your patients a little personalized love keeps them coming back, so show them how much you appreciate them!

Enjoy yourself!

Sounds simple right? A smile can go a long way, and your patients are happy when you're happy and vice versa, so it's your obligation to make sure that they are enjoying each and every visit. Get to know them, tell a silly joke, ask them about their day. It's so easy to make your patients happy with just a little extra effort, and that effort will be the difference of them coming back or finding a new eyecare practice for themselves!

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