5 Things Patients Hate About Getting New Glasses

You want the process of getting new glasses to be a fun and entertaining experience for your patients, right? But are you sure that is the experience you are providing them? Sometimes, shopping for new glasses can be worse than shopping for a pair of jeans. Just like any other shopping experience, your customers can feel stressed about making the right choice in terms of fit, flatter, and style.

What do you think is the main source of this stress? Is it dealing with a pushy salesperson, adjusting to the new prescription, or simply finding time to go pick out the frames?

We aimed to find out what triggers the shopping stress in patients by surveying our friends, family, and acquaintances. We had them rank the top 5 frustrations when getting new glasses and here is what our friends tell us stresses them the most:

Optical Dispensing | 5 Things Patients Hate About Getting New Glasses

1. Cost of Getting New Glasses

Seeing as opticians understand the full value of new frames, they should take time to explain the durability of the lenses or any additional coatings, help customers understand their insurance coverage, and only show them options in their price point. Simply start with the budget conversation and walk customers through your optical dispensary after that.

iStock-12983111862. Choosing the Frames

When picking out new frames, many questions are likely to pop up in your patient’s head: What kind of shape do I want? How about the color and the size? Do they look good on me?

That’s why choosing frames can become stressful and demotivating. Ask questions about your patients preferences in terms of: the shape/style, the weight, the feeling, the size and color, the material, and the designer. Usually, patients feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, so asking pointed questions can help clarify their preferences.

3. Frames color and shape

Help your patients understand how to choose the frames according to the shape of their face (round, oval, oblong, diamond, square…). If color is a concern, show them how to choose either the cool-toned or warm-toned route and pick the color that suits them the best or complements their skin, eye, or hair shade. Maybe even show photos of celebrities with frames that complement their faces to keep conversation flowing. 

Optical Dispensing | 5 Things Patients Hate About Getting New Glasses

4. Finding Time to Pick Out New Frames

People are busy and impatient in a world filled with instant gratification, so having to wait too much is frustrating. Some of our respondents said they would prefer to pick up their glasses during their lunch hour, which gave us an idea. Set up one or two days a week that your shop is open from 11:30 – 1:30 for patients to pick up their glasses. Then work out an arrangement with a local restaurant to offer discounts to your patients. Then they can swing by, pick up their glasses, grab a quick and inexpensive lunch, and then go about the rest of their day. 

5. My Optical Shop Doesn’t Have the Selection I Want

Most of your patients don’t do any research before going and picking out new frames, but it's very frustrating for those who have researched to arrive excited and not find the selection they want. Your patients have probably already done some research and found glasses their favorite celebrity wears, or the latest style they like. But of course, it’s not realistic for every shop to carry every possible line. But it wouldn’t hurt to let your patients know which lines you carry through your website, social media, or somewhere else so that they can research within those brands before coming in.

Create the best patient experience. Download our collection of eyecare-specific surveys to help better understand your patients here:


Editor's Note: This post was originally published on June 21st, 2012. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on March 22, 2021
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